We want to enable students to make a meaningful impact on the local community. ThinkPod allows groups of students from diverse faculty backgrounds to work on a semester-long project provided by a Social Change Organisation e.g. charity, social enterprise, socially conscious business. 

Weekly skills workshops and mentorship throughout the project will ensure that there is plenty of support for our consultants t0:

  • Break down the issues
  • Divine recommendations
  • Drafting a report on the analysis and results
  • Deliver a concise and professional presentation for the client on the teams recommendations for them

This will help their organisation overcome a particular problem, or give them the information to start a new venture.

Why should you apply to become a ThinkPod Consultant?

Participating students gain practical project/consulting experience and develop their skills and their passion for social change, and create meaningful change in their community.

The ThinkPod Consulting project allows students to make a tangible impact in the community through the consulting projects they work on.

We don’t expect everyone to know anything about project work/consulting. The ThinkPod programme is a great introduction to how working in the real world will be. University has an emphasis on the theoretical. Even with assignments, there are in-built safety nets in the form of tutorials, lecturer office hours and platforms like piazza through which to direct questions. The ThinkPod consulting experience mirrors the real world in that each team will do their own research, come up with appropriate assumptions (if need be), and be able to reason their recommendations where there is no “correct” solution. 

You will collaborate and work alongside students who share a desire to not let their university commitments get in the away of making a tangible impact in the community.

For more information …

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Come to one of our information evenings: 6pm on Thursday, 27th of August and/or Tuesday, 1st of August at 423-342 (ConfCentre connected to the engineering building, click here for a map).

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Openings for Students

Position Description Deadline
ThinkPod Consultant

If you are passionate about helping non-profit organisations, love skilled-volunteering and enjoy working in tight-knit teams then this is the position for you!

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Wednesday 2nd August 2017, 12pm

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Photographer You will be collaborating with the whole Synergy team, capturing our key moments and progress throughout the course of the semester. If you are passionate about photography, this role is perfectly suited for you!

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Wednesday 2nd August 2017, 12pm

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If you are a Social Change Organisation interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



We are always on the lookout for professionals who can guide our teams through their consultancy projects.