Our Vision

Collaborating with Social Change Organisations to create a greater influence in our society.

Our Mission

To actively identify the needs of Social Change Organisations and empowering young people to dedicate their skills and creativity to address these needs.

What We Do

We offer the means for students to empower Social Change Organisations through structured projects. We inspire young people, students, at the University of Auckland to support Social Change Organisations in New Zealand.

We encourage students to connect, communicate, raise awareness and collaborate with Social Change Organisations (whose primary purpose is to improve the welfare of our society/environment) and jointly create a more sustainable future. By doing this we are not only empowering the students to apply their skills learnt in their courses at university, but also create an impact to our wider communities we live in.

Our organisation not only develops students to use their skills to help Social Change Organisations, but creates leaders for the future. Our management and executives learn to communicate and work with clients (Social Change Organisations), with externals from companies with real life experience and manage a whole organisation.

Synergy is an organisation that creates world changers for the betterment of not only students but the people within our community.


If you are a Social Change Organisation interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



We are always on the lookout for professionals who can guide our teams through their consultancy projects.